Collection: Landscaping with moss

Are you thinking about landscaping with moss? Perhaps you're researching how to create a shady and cool area in your garden. What about an area with a self-watering living wall with ferns and moss, a cooling and claiming water feature, a fountain, or a waterfall? Here at the Bryaphyta Nursery, we have the know-how and the where-with-all to make your wildest imaginings come true. 

Consider a moss lawn for your shady area, we have roll-out carpets of moss 1M2, soft and strong enough to walk on and lay on, we have a huge selection of moss and ferns and plants that love the shade.

Consider a living wall with moss and ferns, we use sturdy metal rock caging with a mixture of limestone rocks and our special substrate for moss and ferns, this way the living walls are strong and sturdy, lasting several lifetimes! these areas can be easily irrigated with a misting system integrated into the wall, we supply all the moss and ferns, substrate, and metal cages with comprehensive instructions, and we can deliver to anywhere in Europe for any size/area.

Did you know a fountain or waterfall will cool the air temperature by up to 40%? Let me tell you how wonderful that feels in the sweltering heat of summer and how lovely it is to listen to the water trickling and running over rocks and plants. A water feature is a relaxing and cooling necessity to some, myself included in fact I have built my whole life around just that! We design features of any size using hypertufa, a light and plant-friendly concrete, easy to move and install and durable. We supply many different species of moss and water plants that will attach to your water feature. We retail many different kinds of pumps, solar pumps, and filtration systems to enable your dream shady spot in your garden to come true with ease.

 We make many different garden decors with hypertufa (a light and plant-friendly concrete) pave stones, tiles for exterior walls with moss and ferns already attached, plant pots, fake rocks, water features, and fountains.

Contact me to discuss your plans and ideas.