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Asplenium trichomanes fern, with Phytosanitary certification and Passport, grown by supplier

Asplenium trichomanes fern, with Phytosanitary certification and Passport, grown by supplier

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Asplenium trichomanes, the maidenhair spleenwort, is a small fern in the spleenwort genus Asplenium.

We are a official plant nursery based in France, all our plants, and bryophytes have plant passports with our official agricultural B number

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It is perfect for rock gardens, living walls, pot plant, rocky habitats, but also terrarium and vivarium. Being quite slow growing and staying small in size, dealing with high humidity and low humidity, partial shade to full shade, attaches nicely to moist rock, and also substrate of potting soil, Sandy soil and gravels with larger rocks as I seeks to spread its rhizome along moist cracks and crevices.

Asplenium trichomanes grows 10 to 30 cm tall forming tufts arising from a short, scaly rhizome. The scales are dark. The evergreen fronds are long and narrow, gradually tapering towards the tip. They are simply divided into small, yellow-green to dark-green, roundish pinnae. The stipe and rachis of the frond are dark all along their length. The fronds can reach 40 cm in length but are more commonly 8–20 cm. The indusia are linear to oval, straight, and attached to the upper-side of the fertile vein. There are 4 to 8 sori per pinna and each are 1 to 3.5 mm long. Diploid chromosome count is 72.

It is widespread in temperate and subarctic areas and also occurs in mountainous regions in the tropics. Its range includes most of Europe and much of Asia south to Turkey, Iran and the Himalayas with a population in Yemen. It occurs in northern, southern and parts of eastern Africa and also in eastern Indonesia, south-east Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and Hawaii. It is found in North America and Central America and Cuba, and the northern and western regions of South America such as Chile. Even though its range is wide spread, it is often rare, and populations are widely spread out from each other based on the available of suitable habitat.

It grows in rocky habitats such as cliffs, scree slopes, walls and mine waste, the type of rock used as a substrate depending on the subspecies. It grows from sea-level up to 3000 metres in North America while in the British Isles it reaches 870 metres.

In the US state of Minnesota A. trichomanes is listed as a threatened species. It occurs on ledges and in crevices on moist, east-facing cliffs and occasionally on talus with similar conditions. The Minnesota populations are Asplenium trichomanes subsp. trichomanes.

Asplenium trichomanes is valued in cultivation for its hardiness (down to −20 °C (−4 °F)), its evergreen foliage and its ability to colonise crevices in stone walls. It prefers a fully or partially shaded aspect. It has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.


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