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Terrarium Sheet moss AKA Hypnum cupressiforme with Phytosanitary certification and Passport, grown by moss supplier

Terrarium Sheet moss AKA Hypnum cupressiforme with Phytosanitary certification and Passport, grown by moss supplier

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Delivery information: We ship with DHL for orders of 100euros and more we give free shipping, for small orders we ship with Laposte. We will be sending plant passports with each species, your order will arrive in 2-3 days with DHL. 

Hypnum cupressiforme Is a partial shade high humidity moss that grows on clay, sand soil and rock, a stunning moss for partial shade projects, rocks and boulders landscaping bonsai decor and terrariums

 We sell Hypnum Cupresiforme as a grown moss in many dimensions or as inoculated clay/Alfisols discs with spores and mother moss, we also sell the correct "Growing Substrate" for this moss

(When choosing which items to add to your basket please be aware of the difference in 5x5cm Moss: a carpet of moss. and substrate)

Your order will be packed safely and I'll send your Internation tracking number so you can follow your order travels to you :)

This soft to the touch luxurious golden green moss is fast growing and both carpeting and cushions making it great for both landscaping and vivariums. Sheet moss (Hypnum Cupresiforme) is by far one of the most popular carpeting mosses to use in the vivarium hobby. The methods of growing this plant as well as availability have made it a household plant to use in a number of projects in exterior moss gardens of vivarium decoration.

You will be receiving moss which has been dehydrated for shipping, when she arrives just rehydrate her by spraying water on her, and within seconds she comes back to life.
Do have a look at my other dry moss, lichen and liverwort species for sale and buy a selection, terrariums and Paludarium.

Our clay discs are inoculated with Hypnum Cupresiforme spores which, once wet, will grow after 3 weeks into moss that then connect together into a carpet and spread from there. The benefit of growing from spores is 1- they grow and thrive in the environment, if terrarium or moss garden, or water feature 2- the clay discs can be molded into any shape once wet and will stick to any surface. You can also divide the discs as they are inoculated with thousands of spores.

H. cupressiforme loves acidic to slightly base-rich clay or earth humus bark and siliceous rock.

Scientific Name: Hypnum Cupresiforme

Family: Hypnaceae

Common Names: Sheet moss, Hypnum moss, Cypress-leaved plaitmoss

Habitat: Moist, Forest

Height: 1 to 4 inches thick

PH Range: 5.0 to 6.0

Temperature: 60°F to 75°F

Hypnum Cupresiforme moss has irregularly branched, slender to medium sized shoots typically about 2 cm long, and strongly curved leaves, 1–2 mm long, that taper to a long, fine point. The nerve is absent, or very short and double. The shoots are green or tinged with a warm, brownish colour in the older parts. Capsules are frequent, and 2.5 mm long. The lid is beaked.

In modern times, the term “sheet moss” is loosely used to identify any form of pleurocarpous land moss. In a more appropriate usage, the term is usually used to refer bryophytes of the specific genus, hypnum. To correctly identify sheet moss for easy acquirement and understanding, Hypnum Cupresiforme would be the exact species of moss being identified when we refer to sheet moss in today’s post. Hypnum is a very desired species of moss because of its hardiness and infamous carpeting capabilities. This evergreen lawn-like plant has limitless potential as a vivarium moss and for good reason.

At one time, this moss was used as a pillowcase and mattress fillings, that’s where the word Hypnum originated from. Hypnum being a play from the Greek word Hypno, meaning sleep. The word sheet, on the other hand, obviously came from the fact that this moss grows into a very densely layered mat.

For questions about different dimensions and shapes cut from the moss please contact me, we can always send a special offer order.


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