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Compost worms Lumbricus rubellus

Compost worms Lumbricus rubellus

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Lumbricus rubellus compost worms. Worms are one of nature’s best cleaners. Making short work of any waste organic matter, a great fit for a bioactive terrarium, with many benefits.

A species of European worm, the driftworm, also known as Red wriggler. It is actually an burrowing earthworm and compost worm, but in nature is Endogeic and feeds close to the surface, which make it perfect for medium to large size terrariums and vivariums as well.

  • Red Wigglers are voracious eaters
  • They’re very adaptable and prefer higher temperatures. Both of which are excellent qualities for terrariums.
  • Red Wigglers are surface dwellers. They don’t really burrow and like to live in shallow soil layers.
  • They will aerate your substrate and leave worm casts to nourish your plants, springtails, and isopods, etc.
  • Many of your vivarium pets, and carnivorous plants might like to eat them as well, a tasty snack too!

After a year or so Red Wigglers might be a little too effective for small terrariums. If they rapidly consume your substrate (along with your leaf litter), then it's time to thin the crowd.

Here you have the choice of buying 3 or 100 worms

Pick the amount to the size of your terrarium, they will breed of course so perhaps start a small at first.

If you would like to start a worm composting system to make your own worm casts for your terrariums, food for your pets, and or carnivorous plants, buy a larger amount of 100 worms to start you off.  

We also sell composters in:

small - perfect composting the food scraps of 2 people.

Medium - perfect for composting food scraps of 4 people.

Large - perfect for composting food scraps of 4-6 people.

An easy to use 4 level plastic composter with liquid collection tray underneath.




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Keegan Laverty
Compost worms Lumbricus Rubellus

I was pleasantly surprised that all would fair so well. Ordered from Canada, didn’t expect a full survival rate but was pleased nonetheless. That and all the moss spring back to color bright and glowing in no time at all. Will definitely be making future orders.