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Terrarium moss Mnium hornum with Phytosanitary certification and Passport, grown by moss supplier

Terrarium moss Mnium hornum with Phytosanitary certification and Passport, grown by moss supplier

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Mnium hornum Is a full shade high humidity moss that grows on rock and acidic forest compost or peat moss and worm casts

This striking moss with long leafy branches, that in maturity are dark green which curve and bow down gives her name "Swan’s-neck Thyme-moss", and the new growth with almost transparent fat pointed leaves which are like bright lime green jewels when moist.

Watch this video to know more about this moss:

We sell Mnium hornum as a grown moss in many dimensions or as inoculated clay/Alfisols discs with spores and mother moss, we also sell the correct "Growing Substrate" for this moss 100g.

Check out our organic goat milk fertiliser pellets for moss!
Our pellets are made from full fat unpasteurized goat milk straight from the udder, mixed with red clay and dehydrated at 70 degrees. Our fertiliser pellets are perfect for terrariums, living walls, moss gardens exterior as interior. But of course this is an amazing fertiliser for all plants including roses, vegetables, pot plants etc.
Why is goat milk the best fertiliser for moss and other terrarium plants?
This is our secret to the beautiful moss we grow in our moss nursery, our ferns and succulents and orchids and other rock garden plants, in fact, our whole farm!
Like all plants, moss needs nitrogen, either gleaned from the soil and substrate or from water uptake. If your moss doesn’t get enough nutrients from rainfall or substrate a mild, organic fertilizer, such as one containing lactic acid from goat milk which non-protein nitrogen content is usually 5-8 % of total nitrogen. Signs your moss needs fertilization include spotty growth and poor color.

If you want to attach moss vertically?
We sell Mnium hornum moss stitched to Plastic mesh supports in 10x20cm carpets
- Plastic mesh for interior use, terrariums living walls and moss art, the plastic mesh can be glued to glass or rock, or any supports, without hurting the mosses roots. And hey presto! you have an instant moss wall!

(When choosing which items to add to your basket please be aware of the difference in 5x5cm or 10x10cm Moss: a carpet of moss. substrate. and 10x20cm attached to plastic mesh.)

The upright stems are 2–4 cm tall.
Leaves are typically about 4 mm long, but can be as long as 8 mm towards the tip of the shoot, and have a
toothed border of long, narrow cells.
The nerve usually ends a little below the tip of the leaf.
The leaf base at most shortly runs down onto the stem.
The lower part of the stem has small, narrowly triangular leaves (the two leaves on the right in the upper drawing).
Capsules (5 mm long) are frequently produced, and the lid narrows abruptly into a very short point.
The seta is 2.5–5 cm long.


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