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Terrarium moss Black Grimmia torquata with Phytosanitary certification and Passport, grown by moss supplier

Terrarium moss Black Grimmia torquata with Phytosanitary certification and Passport, grown by moss supplier

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Black Grimmia torquata Is a full light low humidity moss that grows on rock

We sell Black Grimmia torquata as a grown moss in many dimensions or as inoculated clay/Alfisols discs with spores and mother moss. We also sell stunning pink limestone rock with is the perfect substrate for this moss which is black when dry and vibrant green when moist.

You will be receiving moss which has been dehydrated for shipping, when she arrives just rehydrate her by spraying water on her, and within seconds she comes back to life.
Do have a look at my other dry moss, lichen and liverwort species for sale and buy a selection, terrariums and Paludarium.

Our clay/Alfisols discs are inoculated with Black Grimmia torquata spores and mother plant which, once wet, will grow after 3 weeks into moss that then connects together into a carpet and spread from there. The benefit of growing from spores is 1- they grow and thrive in the environment, if terrarium or moss garden, or water feature 2- the clay/Alfisols discs can be molded into any shape once wet and will stick to any surface. You can also divide the discs as they are inoculated with thousands of spores.

We do Internation post tracking with every order. Your order will be packed safely and I'll send your Internation tracking number so you can follow your order travels to you :)

At first glance, G. torquata does not look like a Grimmia.
Rather than the usual blackish-grey Grimmia colour, it is olive-brown when dry, contrasting with light green shoot tips, and hair points that are so small they are only apparent through a hand lens.
The rounded cushions can grow to be up to 5 cm deep.
The best field character is the strongly, spirally twisted leaves when dry, with wavy uppermost leaves.
The leaves are 1–1.5 mm long, spread out from the stem when moist, and have recurved margins.

G. torquata grows on sheltered or exposed, base-rich rocks such as basalt or Old Red Sandstone, especially where the rock is periodically damp or flushed.
It is most frequent on cliff faces, but sometimes occurs on boulders or in scree.

This moss looks stunning when dry as she is red to pitch black, and she is suprising when moist her tiny star leaves open shiny with droplets of moisture, dark green to bright green. Plus she is one of our most hardy mosses, she will tolerate full sun exposer or full shade and will live from as little water as morning mist.
She is stunning on a rock wall moss garden mixed with fern and succulents like the penny wort.
she is stunning in terrariums adapting nicely to more humidity by cushioning out and showing her bright green new growth.
She will attach to sandstone rock and looks amazing accompanying other rock substrate cushion moss: Tortella mediterranea and Breutelia chrysocoma and Andreaea alpina to give a rainbow or colour to your terrarium experience.


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