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Springtails, Small Arthropods

Springtails, Small Arthropods

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Springtails contribute to the dissemination and regulation of soil microflora (bacteria, fungi) and play a major role in the circulation of nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.). Small Arthropods, of which there are several thousand species (about 8000) saprophagous since they feed mainly on decomposing plants and micro-organisms present in the litter (fungi, bacteria, algae). Of great nutritional value, it is an ideal food for the young and small species that populate our farms.

The springtails we sell are of tropical origin so they will do great in both tropical and none tropical terrariums.

I keep them in an airtight box with 3 to 4 cm of moistened peat and organic charcoal (not saturated with water), it is important to open the box at least twice a week to allow some air circulation.

We feed them the frass from our mealworms this food is ideal.

The boxes are applicable at room temperature in my breeding room, i.e. 25° and 22° at night these springtails support temperatures of -5 to 35c.

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