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whole sale - Rhytidiadelphus loreus, with Phytosanitary certification

whole sale - Rhytidiadelphus loreus, with Phytosanitary certification

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Rhytidiadelpus loreus Is a partial shade high humidity moss that grows on acidic forest compost or peat moss and worm casts.

A stunning moss with a red stem and vibrant green leaves. A thick cushion in partial shade will help to cool any area of your garden.

We sell Rhytidiadelpus loreus  as a grown moss in many dimensions
We ship this moss dehydrated, this way your moss arrives in perfect condition and is not affected by temperature shock, mold, or loss of color. It also reduces the weight of the shipment. When your moss arrives you simply rehydrate the moss when you wish to use it. 

Our moss is dehydrated at 25c for shipping, when it arrives it is easily rehydrated by spraying it with water and starts photosynthesis within seconds.
We dehydrate the moss for a few reasons: 
-So that the moss arrives in perfect condition with no mold or temperature shock or burn. 
- The weight of the moss is 75% less when dehydrated. 
- The moss can be kept dehydrated for 6 months without any problems and rehydrated at any time. 
- This makes it very interesting for terrarium makers who can keep the moss on the shelf until they need it. It has a shelf life of 1 year or more.

We grow over 50 species of moss, liverwort, hornwort and lichen in a controlled indoor plant nursery.
We have agricultural status and are able to deliver with PHYTO certification for international shipping.
Our moss is for terrariums vivariums, moss gardens and rock walls, living walls.


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