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Moss Wall milkshake

Moss Wall milkshake

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IT'S FINALLY HERE! The team at The Bryophyta Nursery is so so proud to announce bringing out our new "Moss wall Milkshake" product.
We have been working on this bio-organic cocktail for a few years now, testing and changing the ingredients.
Please look through the selection of species of moss to pick from, there's one for every environment, lighting, and humidity.

All of the species of moss used in these wall milkshakes attach to rocks, cement, bricks, and walls of almost every kind.

Why call it a milkshake? (Not to be eaten or drunk.) Well because it's a real mixture of ingredients to ensure the happy and speedy growth of your moss where you want it to grow.
And yes one of those ingredients is indeed Milk, full-fat unpasteurized goat's milk. Not only does the goat's milk have an acid that stimulates growth in moss but it also has calcium, and nitrogen and basically acts as the best moss fertilizer around!
In these Moss wall Milkshakes are also calcium deposits, peat moss compost, corn starch, and clay. No toxic ingredients at all. Just 100% organic goodness!

How to use it? (Time to get your artist hat on.)
Each bag of Moss wall Milkshake has 1 KG or product enough for 1mx1m of wall thick coverage, or paint it on the wall artistically where you want your moss to grow.

Each bag of Moss lawn Milkshake has 500G of product enough for 1mx1m of lawn thick coverage and fast, about 1 month, or watered down it will cover 10x10m but it will take longer to grow into a thick carpet, about 6 months.

5kg will make 1x10m of thick covered in 1 month or 100x100m watered down in 6 months.

- Check the weather, you don't want to place your Moss wall Milkshake on a rainy day, chose a sunny or overcast day.
- Take a normal-sized bucket of about 5 liters.
- Pour in the whole packet of Moss wall Milkshake.
- Add water slowly, mixing in as you go, you want the texture to be easy to spread on your wall.
- Wearing gloves, spread the mixture onto your wall, and squish it into cracks and crevasses.
- no need to water or spray, the morning dew and evening dew are enough.
- 3 or so weeks later you will start to see moss growth.

The best times of year to use your Moss wall Milkshake are winter spring and autumn.

Pick from our amazing variety of Moss wall Milkshakes, with vibrating colors and different textures!
If you don't want to pick just one then chose a selection or we do a mixture of Moss wall Milkshakes with all of the moss species added, this way you get all the textures and colors available.

- Red Moss wall
Andreaea alpina Is a full light to partial shade moss, high humidity moss, that grows fast. Its new growth is a vibrating green color that turns a deep red.

- Red Star moss wall
B. ferruginascens Is a full-shade to partial shade moss, high humidity moss, that grows quite fast.

- Green star moss
Amphidium mougeotii Is a full light moss, and high heat and drought tolerant, low humidity moss, that grows on rock.

- Hanging moss wall
Anomodon viticulosus Is a full shade moss, high humidity moss, that grows on rock walls or wood walls this beautiful moss becomes very thick and long its nickname is Rambling tail moss.

- Lime green moss wall
Philonotis seriata Is a full light to partial shade high humidity moss that has very fast growth. This moss has red stems and a bright lime-green color.

- silky gold moss wall
Homalothecium sericeum Is a partial shade moss, medium to high humidity moss, that grows on wood walls and Rock walls with very fast growth

- cushion moss wall
Tortella mediterranea Is a full light to partial shade moss, high humidity moss, that grows into very thick cushions. Quite slow growth.

- black moss wall
Black Grimmia torquata Is a full light moss, and is high heat and drought tolerant, very low humidity moss, that grows fast, this moss has an olive green with sliver tips color when moist and turns a rich black when dry.

- silver moss wall
Racomitrium canescens Is a stunning moss! full light to partial shade moss, and high heat and drought tolerant, medium to high humidity, that grows on rock, quite slow growth. this moss has a rich silver sheer to it and turns sliver green when moist

-Birds feet moss wall
Barbula unguiculata Is a full light, high heat and drought tolerant moss, low humidity moss, that grows on rock, with very fast growth.

MixSpecies moss wall
- This has all our wall moss species mixed together. Watch year after year the ever-surprising and ever-changing effects of these moss working together to create a masterpiece on your wall!


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