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Lescuraea mutabilis moss

Lescuraea mutabilis moss

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Lescuraea mutabilis Is a full shade high humidity moss that grows on acidic forest compost or peat moss and worm casts
We sell Lescuraea mutabilis as a grown moss in many dimensions

You will be receiving Lescuraea mutabilis which has been dehydrated for shipping in a package bag. Mosses can remain alive even during periods of drought, resuming photosynthesis when moistened again by rain or even fog. All you have to do is spray generously the moss when it arrives and she will come back to life in a few seconds.

This rare and beautiful carpeting moss has a rich dark emerald/gold velvety allure.
Rather robust pleurocarp moss with main branches of 3-7 cm long make a thick silky soft cushion carpet.
The main stem is prostrate, more or less pinnate and the branches are erected.
Leaves more or less applied to the stem (when dry), lanceolate, gradually concave cuminate.
Presence of two folds longitudinal in the lower half of the leaf; the margins are recurved.
The rib is well marked and almost reaches the apex of leaf.
Sporophyte formed by a erect silk less than 1 cm length, with an erect, cylindrical capsule with a conical operculum.

Dioecious species with rare sporophytes.
The production small brown gems on the leaves (invisible with a magnifying glass x10) is
a means of vegetative propagation.

Biogeography Boreal-montane circumpolar species.

This hemi-sciaphilic species is confined to the subalpine Alfisols substrate and mainly encountered in subalpine beech groves and thickets of associated rowan trees.
It is systematically observed at the base of the trunks of old trees, deformed by snow.
Besides beech and rowan trees, we can also occasionally observe it on willows including Salix caprea and Salix bicolor.


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