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Giant Orchid Himantoglossum robertianum 1 bulb

Giant Orchid Himantoglossum robertianum 1 bulb

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Our bulbs are grown in red clay on our farm. We package them in moss for safe travels to you.

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Himantoglossum robertianum is a species of flowering plant in the orchid family (Orchidaceae) native to the Mediterranean Basin.
She is a bulbous plant that flowers from January to April and has a scent that is amazing and truly her own. The bulb is edible when cooked.
She stands tall at about 30cm 1 foot, Bees butterflies and moths love her scent and her pollen.
A truly elegant addition to any garden and a real joy in spring.

Himantoglossum robertianum is native to the Mediterranean Basin and is found in Portugal, Morocco, Spain, Balearic Islands, France, Italy, Sardegna, Corsica, Algeria, Libya, Yugoslavia, Greece, Aegean Islands and Crete, Anatolia and Cyprus.
It is found in short, poor grassland, garrigue, scrub, and open woodland. It prefers dry to moist, alkaline and calcareous substrates.

Choose a planting site that receives dappled to partial shade. If you live in a growing region that is very hot and dry, you will need to choose a location that receives a bit more shade than sun. Plan to plant your orchid bulbs in the spring when the threat of frost has passed in your growing region.

Dig holes with your fingers or a small trowel. The holes should be 3 to 4 inches deep and 2 to 3 inches wide. Space the holes 12 inches apart.

Place a bulb into each hole and lightly pack the soil around the bulbs. Gently tap down on the soil to ensure that no air pockets remain around the bulb. Water thoroughly and plan to water whenever the soil dries out. When the bulbs begin to sprout and grow, mist them every day or two with a water bottle.

Fertilize every two months during the growing season with a liquid plant fertilizer that is at half strength.


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