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Ficus Sagittata a perfect terrarium plant!

Ficus Sagittata a perfect terrarium plant!

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Attractive vining foliage, easy to grow, a perfect terrarium plant!


Watering in active growth period moderately
Light bright filtered
Temperature in active growth period min 16C max 27C (61-81F)
Humidity low

You will receive a 20cm long, rooted cutting, with well established roots, with at least 3 branches. 

Ficus sagittata is native to warm temperate and tropical regions of Asia. It is a root climber with thin, young green shoots that become brown when older, lance-shaped leaves with slightly rippled through to the edge and slightly curved between the leaf veins. Young leaves are light green, full elder to dark green (depending on humidity), in the wild, the young leaves of the great old plants are colored orange.

Ficus sagittata is a useful indoor plant that thrives with moderate care. It is grown for its glossy and interesting foliage.

Ficus sagittata is a sturdy trailer with 5-8cm (2-3 inch) long, leathery, lanced-shaped, green leaves and wiry stems.

Ficus sagittata require some special conditions and is unlikely to thrive without them.

Ficus sagittata will do well either in medium light or in a position where they can get some sun each day. The kinds of Ficus sagittata which have plain green foliage tolerate grater amounts of shade than the ones with variegated foliage which require brighter light with a few hours a day of direct sunlight. Otherwise the leaves are unlikely to retain their colouring and the sharp contrast that make them so decorative indoors.

Ficus sagittata do best in normally warm room temperature, they can be acclimatised gradually to a wide range of temperatures.

Keep moist, but not wet.Water Ficus sagittata moderately, giving enough to make the potting mixture thoroughly moist at each watering and allowing only the top centimeter (0.40 inch) or so of the mixture to dry out before watering again.

Apply regularly a standard liquid fertiliser every two weeks to actively growing plants only.

Ficus sagittata is best grown in a peat-based mixture. Do not overpot; these plants like slightly cramped root conditions. Use pots that look as if they are a size too small for the plant. Move the plants into pots just one size larger when reppoting becomes clearly necessary - as indicated by emergence of a lot of root through the drainage hole and possible by the appearance of a network of fine roots on the surface. Repotting is best carried out in spring.

When maximum convenient pot size has been reached, top-dress the plants annually with fresh potting mixture in spring.


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