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Ficus quercifolia 2 branches of about 20 cm

Ficus quercifolia 2 branches of about 20 cm

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Ficus pumila quercifolia a wonderful terrarium plant but also house plant :) it does best in 4-6 hours of dappled sunlight. Exposure to the direct afternoon sun will scorch its leaves, leading to crisp brown tips and faded foliage. A bit of a morning sun exposure every day will keep it lush and bushy.

  • Botanical Name: Ficus quercifolia
  • Known for its unique leaves resembling tiny frogs
  • Vines can reach up to 3 feet long
  • Prefers bright, indirect sunlight but can adapt to low light conditions as well
  • Thrives best in a well-drained potting mix

This rare cultivar features tiny, bulb-like leaves that resemble tiny frogs, explaining its common name—String of Frogs. This trailing plant looks fantastic dangling down the hanging baskets or as a wall-mounted decoration.

With lush green foliage and delicate vines, this creeping houseplant is a sight to behold. The tiny lobed leaves are a beautiful deep green, glossy, and perfectly formed, resembling mini frogs, certainly the reason behind its common name—String of Frogs. The vines can grow to an impressive length of 8-12 feet on maturity, while the tiny oak-like leaves are the defining characteristic of this plant, lending it a timeless elegance that only a few plants can match.

If you are looking for a fuzzy houseplant to liven the corners of your living room without the hassle of high maintenance, String of Frogs is the one for you!


When grown indoors, String of Frogs will do best in bright, indirect light. You can place your pot near a window with plenty of morning sunlight but not the scorching afternoon sun. Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves, killing their charm. You can also use some artificial light in case you don’t have access to bright, indirect light. 


Ficus Pumila quercifolia needs well-drained soil to thrive well. A potting mix having equal parts of potting soil, coco peat, sand, and perlite or coarse grit is an excellent medium for this plant, providing the right blend of moisture retention and nutrients. Alternatively, a cactus or succulent soil mix will also boost plant growth.


String of Frogs requires a balanced watering schedule. To know when to water this plant, keep an eye on the top two inches of the growing medium and ensure that the soil dries out between waterings. The soil might take over six days to dry out, depending on the weather, so watering once a week is enough to keep the plant thriving.

Do not overwater, as it can lead to root rot and affect the growth of your plant.

Temperature & Humidity

String of Frogs prefers temperatures between 60-75°F (15-24°C), making it ideal as a houseplant. Temperatures below 50°F (10°C) will not be good for its growth, nor will it be higher than 85°F (29°C).

As far as humidity is concerned, this plant is not very fussy and can tolerate dry indoor environments. A humidity level of 30-50% is pretty enough for this creeper. It is good to avoid misting as this can increase the risk of fungal diseases.






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