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Aquarium moss Fontinalis antipyretica with Phytosanitary certification and Passport, grown by moss supplier

Aquarium moss Fontinalis antipyretica with Phytosanitary certification and Passport, grown by moss supplier

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Fontinalis antipyretica, greater water-moss, AKA willow moss is a species of submerged aquatic moss belonging to the subclass Bryidae.
It is found in both still and flowing freshwater in Europe, Asia, Greenland and Africa.

We are a official plant nursery based in France, all our plants, and bryophytes have plant passports with our official agricultural B number 0340088V, when being sent to all EU countries, countries outside the EU will be sent with a Phyto certificate, this process will take a little longer to process the orders as the Phyto certificate can take 1 week to to receive the certification.

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Fontinalis antipyretica Is a full shade to partial shade moss that is a fully submerged aquatic moss, preferring cool water, she attaches beautifully to tufa rock

This is our 2nd longest aquatic moss, with shoots (1.5–) 5–8 mm wide and often exceeding 15 cm in length.
The leaves are 4–5 mm long and strongly folded inwards along the midline, with the fold-line forming a prominent keel.
The shoots are usually 3-sided, with the keels forming the angles and the overlapping halves of adjacent leaves forming the sides.
The leaf lacks a nerve (though it is not easy to unfold the keel and demonstrate this) and its tip is bluntly pointed and untoothed.
Capsules are very uncommon, and almost hidden amongst the leaves, occurring only on plants which have undergone a period of exposure above the water.

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This moss grows very long billowing branches that move elegantly in the water. We sell as a carpet which you can attach to wood or rock easily.

watch this video to see how we grow this moss on our farm:

Reproduction is mostly by stolons or by the rooting of detached fragments. Sexual reproduction does also occur, in the spring in North America, but is relatively unimportant as a means of reproduction. Individual plants are either male or female and the capsules housing the spores are seldom observed.

F. antipyretica grows in large clumps and mats and provides refuge for fish eggs and fry.


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