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7 best known moss for Terrariums!

7 best known moss for Terrariums!

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Here we sell the best-known terrarium mosses out there in 5x5cm carpets, the tried and tested and easiest to grow - cushion moss, mood moss, tree moss, pincushion moss, fern moss, and much more! WE sell them as a collection!!

Campylopus pilifer, Stiff Swan-neck Moss - A cushion moss that grows to max 5cm.

Leucobryum glaucum - commonly known pin cushion moss, pillow moss, or cushion moss.

Dicranum mood moss - It's a perfect moss for almost every project

Thuidium Delicatulum - Thuidium Fern Moss is an enchanting and easy-to-grow

Tree moss Thamnobryum alopecurum - Fox-tail Feather moss is about the largest of our tree-like mosses (3–6 cm tall)

Red stemmed moss Rhytidiadelphus loreus and Hylocomium splendens - just stunning and easy to grow

Fissidens bryoides - This is a truly diverse moss who is easy to grow and will grow/spread as both an upright living wall moss and a carpeting moss

partial shade moss, indirect light
fast-growing moss, growing slower in darker areas.
supports High humidity.
Temperatures between -5 to 35c.
Growing on a range of substrates, Peat moss compost, potting soil, gravels, and rocks and rotting wood, clay, sandy soil.
A wonderful collection of moss for Terrariums, Vivariums, Rock walls, moss gardens, and living walls.


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