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3 Micro Orchids for terrariums with Phytosanitary certification and Passport, grown by supplier

3 Micro Orchids for terrariums with Phytosanitary certification and Passport, grown by supplier

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Delivery information: We ship with DHL for orders of 100euros and more we give free shipping, for small orders we ship with Laposte. We will be sending plant passports with each species, your order will arrive in 2-3 days with DHL. 

You will receive 3 species of micro orchids which are all old enough to flower, each bulb will arrive with its substrate to be planted in a tiny pot and placed in your terrarium.

We are a official plant nursery based in France, all our plants, and bryophytes have plant passports with our official agricultural B number

0340088V, when being sent to all EU countries, countries outside the EU will be sent with a Phyto certificate, this process will take a little longer to process the orders as the Phyto certificate can take 1 week to to receive the certification.

We offer free shipping to France and EU countries from 100 euros of items bought and free shipping to none-EU countries for order over 500 euros.

For more information please contact us.

These Orchids are tiny plants with beautiful foliage that flower once a year. Their small size makes them ideal for use in terrariums and vivariums.
They are ground orchids so they grow in the substrate, and can be placed in your living walls in tiny pots, they have bulbs and send out roots to anchor themself to a vertical or horizontal terrain.
The species of micro orchids we send you will change through the year. Orchid bulbs go dormant at different times of the year so depending on when you buy them they will have foliage or not, be about to flower or have just flowered.
These orchids are long-lived and will grow in your terrarium for years to come. They are easy to plant and transplant. They self-seed and can be pollinated by insects in your terrariums, they can also be propagated through bulb division at the correct time of year.
Different orchids have symbiotic relationships within the substrate they are grown in. It is for this reason we send the bulbs in the correct substrate for their species this substrate can be mixed with other substrates.

Here are the micro orchids we are currently selling:
Ophrys sphegodes Orchid bulb (3 year old bulb)
Serapias lingua, tongue-orchid bulb (4 year old bulb)
Spiranthes spiralis orchid bulb (8 year old bulb)

The bulbs do need good drainage in their tiny pots or they will mold. The substrate we send is a good example of the kind of substrate you will continue to give them.

If you have any questions please contact me.


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