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1 Litre Organic Bio-active Foliar Feed a Terrarium's BFF NPK 2 - 2 - 2 cyanobacteria and Nostoc.

1 Litre Organic Bio-active Foliar Feed a Terrarium's BFF NPK 2 - 2 - 2 cyanobacteria and Nostoc.

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Our Bio-active Foliar Feed "BFF" is made from fermented insect frass, fermented peat with cyanobacteria, Nostoc and other useful micro-organisms, exactly what your terrarium needs. If you are using substrates on which your moss and plants would not usually grow they may lose color, turn yellow, not grow very fast, and not fully attach to your substrate, this fertilizer will solve all of these problems.
The useful micro-organisms also help break down dead organic matter which will be a healthy environment for your "clean-up crews", Isopods, millipedes, spring-tails, etc.
We ferment the soil horizon (O) and stabilize the liquid to be used in terrariums for all terrarium plants. This "bio-active fertilizer" smells amazingly good, adding a flourish of life to your terrariums and indoor plants.

To use - Pour 1cl (a soup spoon) into 1 liter of water - or 5cl (a shot glass) into 5 liters. It should ideally be the color of weak tea, a pale brownish-yellow. Mist your plants or directly pour around the plants once a month.

We use insect frass the bi-product of tiny insects, mealworms, larvae, etc. They feed on the organic layer of our forest, primarily Pine, beech, chestnut, and Mediterranean oak which is fermented for 1 month.

It contains a great balance of primary nutrients (NPK 2,2,2), these are released slowly over a period of 3-4 weeks, and are easy for plants to take up. Insect frass is also packed full of beneficial bacteria that help plants access more nutrients from the soil.


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